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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Leaving On A Jet plane

It's finally here! The week I get to see my Baby Girl! I wonder if she's even more taller than me now?
The dogs saw the suitcases and got sad looks on their faces. They know what that means...I wish I could bring them along. They missed D~ so much in the beginning. They would wander into her room to check to see if she had snuck in. Yeah, like anyone could get passed those two. It's just that D~ is their "girl" and now she's not around. The cats, well, they're cats. They don't show their feelings much, unless you have to give them medicine or a bath.
Half my suitcase is filled with all the things D~ wanted me to bring ~ CELLPHONE, laptop, camera, CHOCOLATE, cd player, cd's, CELLPHONE, jewelry, bank checks, CHOCOLATE.
N~ packed our laptop too ~ so hopefully I'll be able to "stay connected". If I can get computer time....N~'s worse than I am - all those guitars on Ebay, just waiting for him. I have to say in his defense, he buys and sells guitars, so it isn't completely just an obsession.
I have never been to Missouri, so it will be nice to play tourist for a couple of days. We both could use a break from all the family stuff going on. N~'s Mom is at home and doing as well as she can for the moment. His brother's family seems to be hanging in there too. We stopped by on Sunday to check in with them. It's never easy to lose a family member even when you know that the pain is over and they're in a better place than any of us. And I know that my Mom and Dad are watching from their better place and will be with D~ in spirit since they can't be physically.
And I can't wait to meet D~'s Drill Sgts! LOL! Just to shake their hands and say thank you for doing a job well done! And what a job that is. To take a bunch of raw, terrified, undisciplined recruits and shape them into "our finest"!
Well, the first stage in this adventure is almost complete. And we all made it through. We all had our doubts at one time or another - D~ thinking she couldn't do this, me thinking I couldn't get through her leaving and N~ not really wanting her to go into the Army in the first place.
Hopefully, I'll be updating throughout the week. If not, I'll be back in a few!