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Friday, November 18, 2005

Kevin's New Wheelchair

David over at The Military Vote has a great story about and idea for Kevin.

"I have to give credit for the idea to my wife honestly... pure genius. I don't know why I didn't think of it myself (Will said he thought the same exact thing). Either way... here goes:Heather and another soldier SPC DJ Woodburn were talking (on instant messenger) yesterday after I had gone to sleep and among the items for discussion was the idea to take up donations for Kevin (previously named X). I originally wanted to further protect his identity... but it also struck me that "Kevin" is an American name he adopted for himself. Many of the interpreters that work with us adopt American aliases such as: Washington (this guy picked his after our first President and forefather), Kevin (named after the first American friend he got close to), and many others.Anyway... the idea originally spawned as an effort to get just enough collected to cover the cost and shipping of a REAL wheelchair for Kevin. This would help him out a great deal considering he is currently having to sit in a fold up "MAC" lawn chair and have two of his buddies carry him around. This not only is impractical but the initial jolt causes him a great deal of discomfort and pain not to mention he can't travel very far because his taxi's get tired."

These soldiers of ours never cease to amaze me!! Make us proud, you do!!!