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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Home Is A Good Place To Be

Yes, We're home! Back to the quiet! All I can hear is the rain on the roof and our area Momma hawk singing her song in the sky. So Cal is an incredibly noisy place. I had no idea how quiet it is here at home. But that's the thing about leaving and coming back, isn't it? As much as I love to travel (except on 101 and 5 during a holiday weekend...), walking in our front door and being greeted by our enthusiastically neurotic dogs, is the best! We usually don't see the cats until much later as they must let us know how indignant they are about us (their servants) having the audacity to leave them in the first place. Not that they need us, mind you. It's just the principle of the thing. Then the second best thing is knowing you will be sleeping in your own bed again.
So give a thought to our Troops away from home and send them a bit of home. (Yes, this is another shameless appeal to start writing letters and/or sending packages.) The holidays are the hardest. I remember my first Christmas in CA (having been raised in Norman Rockwell country - and I mean this literally - his studio was a couple of towns over from my childhood home. Thought I was being metaphorical, didn't you?), 3000 miles away from home and family, no snow, no roast beef, no icicles to play swords with and few friends as I had just moved to that area. It was one of the most depressing days of my young life. I sat in the bathroom of the house I was at and cried my eyes out. Yet, I was still in the US and I could have somehow gotten back to my family without needing papers signed or a passport and I could and did talk to them on the phone without worrying about phone lines not working or waiting in long lines of other people trying to make a call. And I was not getting mortared or fired upon. It still sucked. Sooooo, imagine being 19 years old, 9000 miles away from home and family and getting mortared and/or fired upon on Christmas day. Or imagine being in your 40's and 9000 miles away from your family and you're not able to be Santa this year for your kids. And you're being mortared and/or fired upon. It's not too late!!! You have to go to the Mall again anyway. (Socks, gloves (black), fleece throws) And you know you are always going to have to go to the grocery store again because you left your list on the counter and forgot to get that one thing you were going to the store to get in the first place. Pick up some snacks, (beef jerky, chips, cookies, tuna pouches, soups, coffee singles, hot chocolate packets,) and some personal hygiene stuff (disposable razors, shaving cream, foot powder, deodorent, baby wipes) and then put something holiday-ish in your package and send some down home love. Be creative!
I know you have used paperbacks around the house or dvds (comedies are good). Stick one in. Helps with the down time.
Any other ideas from soldiers or supporters out there, please leave them in the comments - they are always welcome! (I can always use new ideas too!!)
There's a reason for the season, as has been said.
And don't forget - Hannakuh begins on the same day.