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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but I'm not sure if I'll have computer access in the next couple of days. N~ and I are heading down south to stay with his Mom for the holiday. This is a particularly difficult one for us as we have both lost loved ones (my Dad and N~'s brother) this year and this might be the last one with his Mom. First holidays without someone you love and last holidays with someone you love are hard. Plus the fact that I won't be making D~'s favorite yams with marshmallows for her this year just adds to it. But enough of that part! Being in this emotional place also adds a certain clarity to what this holiday is all about. The thankfulness of what one has in one's life. I'm not just talking about material goodies but what you have acquired from people who have been a part of your life. Even if a certain person is no longer with you physically, they were there. They left part of themselves with you just by you knowing them. They added something to you that makes you the person you are today. And that never goes away. In that respect they are still with you and always will be.
Maybe they saw through the walls you had built and loved you anyway. (Thanks N~)
Maybe they gave you courage to so something you really thought you never could do. (Thanks Dad)
Maybe you had a White Knight who defended you when things were pretty iffy at home (Thanks Big Bro)
Maybe they gave you the space to make your own mistakes so you could get to the success part. (Thanks Mom)
Maybe a little child tugged on your arm when you are at your wit's end and could see no way out and said Mom, come back. I need you ( thanks D~) .
Maybe they gave you a shoulder and an ear when no one else would listen or care. (Thanks Aunt L~)
Maybe they gave you an hour of their time and a hug so you could rant and rave about the injustice of the moment without judgement (Thanks J~)
Maybe a sack of groceries showed up on your doorstep when you were totally out of money and had a 2 year old to feed (Thanks anonymous - I really know who you are but you prefer it this way)
Maybe you got kind replies to a post you left on a site when you were dealing with your daughter enlisting (Thank you BFS'rs)
Maybe you got a letter from a soldier thanking you for a postcard you sent when you didn't "have time" to write more and your day was brightenend considerably by someone you had never met. (Thank you to all of those in country for taking the time to reply to someone you had never met).
I could list so many more examples but I'd miss Thanksgiving all together (and I'm looking forward to the pie!) So here is a Thank You!! to everyone who has come into my life and left a part of themselves that made me more than I was before you arrived.
Have a great holiday and don't forget to tell someone you love them ~ just cuz.

Oh, and some practical advice to those of you who own cats: Do Not leave the turkey unattended on the counter if you have a kitty who thinks she's the size of a panther and that you left the bird there as your "gift" to her...