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Saturday, November 12, 2005

First Week In AIT

D~ has just finished her first week at Ft. Sam. She was looking forward to the warm weather in Texas after her last FTX sleeping out in the field in 30 degree weather. Can't say I blame her on that one!
So she's been processed and given her class schedule which started last Monday. She has called every night since arriving in Texas! I like AIT better than Basic just on this point alone. And they gave her back her cellphone...can't wait to see the bill next month! An 18 year old just off of over 2 months without a cellphone - I bet our cellphone service accountants are having a grand party watching those minutes add up!
Her classes are going well. She's finally doing what she has always wanted to do - working in the veterinary field. Though she says the euthanasia classes are hard. I would imagine that they are for her, she being a magnet for every hurt, lost, sick creature that came across her path. We've had so many rescues come into our lives via D~! When I was a single Mom and had very little money, we would do a lot of critter doctoring on our own. (It's amazing what a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls can take care of.) There she would sit, 6 or 7 years old holding the cotton balls or gauze for me as I took care of abcesses and cuts and anything else I could handle. She never faltered no matter how messy the procedure got. She's seen kittens being born. She's seen a mother cat smother her defective babies and understood it was better that way. If we did have to finally break down and see a vet, she was right there at his side asking all sorts of questions. She'd be quite put out that they wouldn't let her in the back room while they worked on the animal. And if the animal had to be put down, she'd be right at the animal's side, stroking it and talking to it. She also has this amazing gift of calling her critters home. Every now and then, one of our furries would take off and not come home for a couple of days. I'd say, "D~, they've been gone long enough. Tell them to come home." So, off she'd go into her room and "talk" to them and not more than 45 minutes later, in would come the wayward one! Can't tell you how many times this happened.
So, she's off to a good start. D~'s not sure where she'll go after AIT. She's mentioned working with the K-9 units, training them and such. We'll see. I hope she does. (Or if not that, that she gets based in Hawaii at a base taking care of the soldiers pets. Heh heh!)
There's a wonderful site all about our "furred" Soldiers. Read about the history of the K-9 units and what they are doing over in the Middle East now.
Also, there are so many stories about soldiers adopting dogs and cats in Iraq. One of my favorites is about John E. Smathers, a Captain in the Army reserve, "who went on a 17 month quest to rescue Scout, a dog he and other soldiers had adopted, from the increasingly bloody streets of Baghdad and bring him to his Howard County home. Scout was resolute, loyal. So was Smathers." Read the whole story.
The Humane Society has an article from May of this year that tells of the rescues of dogs and cats of the war. A must read for all you animal lovers out there!
Well, we're off to the beach now with out neurotic insane dogs. Happy reading!