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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Ok, I just got home from a beautiful walk on the beach - the Pacific ocean is in full glory today. 15 ft waves, kids and dogs running on the beach, surfers in surfer heaven, painters trying to capture a magical moment on canvas. I poured myself a cup of coffee, lit a cigarette (don't even go there - I haven't hurt anyone yet so my addiction is working out for me and the rest of humanity) and sat down at the computer. I clicked on Mudville Gazette to catch up on the news from the Milbloggers and Friends of Milbloggers and this is what I just read:

"Flags of our fathers?
The town of Waterville Maine celebrated Veteran's Day this year by throwing five of it's veterans in jail. The group was attempting to remove 2,000 white flags planted at the Veterans Memorial Park there.
Waterville Police Chief John Morris said "I warned them, very carefully, that they were not allowed to do destructive behavior on these flags. If they did, we would have to ask them to leave the park. If they refused to leave the park then we'd have to arrest them, and that's what happened."
A white flag is internationally known as a symbol of surrender. Arne Springorum, 33, a local geologist, acted as
spokesperson for the "peace group" that planted the flags:
''That was an interpretation we never anticipated," Springorum said. ''We thought of several different colors, but black seemed drastic and represented death. Red seemed like it represented a bloody memorial. A white flag seemed appropriate, because it was the color of truth."
''I thought we needed something permanent to remind people about the cost of war," Springorum said. ''I thought the really appropriate place for it would be the veterans park, but I understood that [the veterans group] feel some ownership of that park."The five veterans were booked at police headquarters and released after paying $40 to the bail commissioner.
''Frankly I'd be embarrassed if my son saw it like that," said Michael Williams Sr., an Air Force veteran whose son is a sergeant in the Army. ''They don't need to remind me with 2,000 flags that 2,000 soldiers are dead."
Williams was one of five arrested Thursday evening and charged with trespassing after they attempted to rip the flags from the ground, despite repeated warnings from police.
...Williams, 58, a retired bus driver, looked out over the flags yesterday afternoon, he had to look down. Not because he was having trouble keeping his emotions in check, but to make sure his feet didn't cross from the sidewalk onto the grass. Williams said the police chief warned him that if he stepped foot in the park, he would be arrested again. Williams said he and the others were released, and they are scheduled to appear Jan. 11 in Waterville District Court.The veterans altered the route of their annual parade this year, ending at the local American Legion rather than the park."

But wait! There's more!

"Meanwhile, in Boston, the Veteran's Day parade was cancelled altogether:
For the first time in decades - even with soldiers dying abroad daily - Boston had no Veterans Day parade because organizers feared neither crowds nor marchers would come. “It’s sad to say they’re at the Veterans Day sales and the movie theaters,” said Boston Veterans Services Commissioner Eugene Vaillancourt.But a group calling itself "Veterans for Peace" claims it was
their efforts that killed the parade
The parade was canceled. In its place was a ceremony on City Hall Plaza that quickly turned into a political spat about US military involvement in Iraq. And, just as that war has polarized civilians, it split the American Legion and a veterans' antiwar group, who offered sharply differing accounts of why the parade was called off.
Officials from the American Legion, which hosts the parade each year, said they canceled this year's march because fewer and fewer people have lined the parade route in recent years.
''We have been marching around Boston for years and people have not really shown up," said Jake Comer, a past national commander of the American Legion and one of the parade's organizers. ''We are seeing more people here than we have in years."
But representatives of Veterans for Peace, an antiwar group, said the parade was canceled to keep them from protesting.
''The American Legion does not want us to be in the parade, so they canceled it," said Tony Flaherty, a former naval officer. ''No one wants to hear about peace."Attendance at the Boston ceremony, however, supports the parade organizer's claim. Only 150 people showed up.
Protesters stood in the back of the crowd, carrying signs that read ''Support our troops, bring them home" and ''No War."<...>While American Legion officials tried to downplay tensions, Veterans for Peace members grew increasingly hostile and began booing speakers midway through the ceremony."

Oh no - that's not all...
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I hate this! Especially since I was raised in Massachusetts (tho in the part Bostonians called HicksVille) and spent time time in Maine on family vacations.
I hate that these "supporters of our troops" (gag) are using the military as their vehicle to "protest". Plus the fact that they are using crosses to drive home their point when my hometown can't have a Nativity scene in the park anymore because it offends some people. Well, this offends me! But are they stopped? No, because it goes along with the agenda put forth through the media and the extreme leftists. I won't even call them Liberals because there is nothing "liberal" about these actions. They are promoting lies about this war and the soldiers who are fighting in it. Go to Military Families and find out where these people originate from. They have a complete listing of the different "anti-war" groups and their origins in the "Research Room".
I'm not too happy with the politicians on both sides either but I write them, not the Soldiers.
This is just pathetic.