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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And Then There's This...

Came across this article in the Washington Post as I was reading the fallout from the Warner Amendment passing 79 - 19.

Top Commander Denounces Call for Iraq Withdrawal Deadline
By Ellen KnickmeyerWashington Post Foreign ServiceWednesday, November 16, 2005; 3:32 PM
BAGHDAD, Nov. 16 -- A top American commander in Iraq on Wednesday denounced calls by some U.S. senators and others for a deadline on withdrawal from Iraq, calling that "a recipe for disaster" for the 2 -year-old war.
"Setting a date would mean that the 221 soldiers I've lost this year, that their lives will have been lost in vain," said Maj. Gen. William Webster, whose 3rd Infantry Division is responsible for security in three-fourths of Iraq's capital.

Click on "article" above and read the whole thing.

Me? I'd listen to the Commanders on this one. After all, this is their job and they do it well. Can't say I have much confidence in the Hill-sitters, especially after yesterday.

And this...

"A Pittance of Time"