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Sunday, October 02, 2005

An Update from D~

Just got a letter from D~. She sounds so good - and tired! The word "fun" was even used a couple of times. What a differencefrom 2 weeks ago! She sounded so proud that her unit made it to the White Phase. I know I'm proud!! Last week they had their FXT (Field Training Exercise) - 3 days without much sleep, showers and eating MRE's. Plus the "patrol through the woods" exercise. This is where they stand guard and shout, "Halt! Identify yourself!" She and 3 other girls were placed at the main entrance to check personnel/vehicles and do the whole Password thing on the 2000-2300 shift. (It was "very dark".) Then the DS's would come up and not cooperate with them, doing things to see how they react. One DS did some really weird things and shook them up alot. D~'s DS was not at all pleased with this and had a stern talking to the other Unit's DS. (I love her DS!) So the next exercise went much better and they "handled it". The recruits would also get "fired upon". D~ said she never dropped so fast in her life!! Good soldier!! And she was really pleased not to have picked up any ticks...though the bugs were miserable. Unfortunetly, D~ is allergic to mosquito bites and her hand swelled up where she did get bit. She's not used to bugs so much - we don't have many except for ticks and spiders and the occasional mosquito. (We do have banana slugs ~
Go to: and we have Potato Bugs But they tend to leave you alone...) (Unless you almost die from a heart attack the first time you see one of them, much like I did.)
So, now the recruits are learning Marksmanship and Unarmed Combat. For some good videos of the training, go to:


It helps to see actual soldiers training to understand what our kids are going through. Of course the first time I viewed these videos and put D~'s face on one of the females, I just started to bawl! It's still hard for me to visualize D~ all battle dressed and armed with an M-16! Just a few months ago, I was threatening her because, in my opinion, her shirts were too high and her pants too low! Guess I don't have to worry about that for awhile! (Hee hee, I have full control of her closet at this time...just kidding, D~, maybe...)

I just can't imagine all the changes I'm going to see in My Baby Girl come November.