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Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Post From My Baby Girl!

I just got another letter from D~! She's still having trouble with her M-16. Something is wrong with the bolt and no one seems to want to do anything about it. Nevermind that her trigger guard is also loose. And this is the weapon she qualified on as "Marksman", there only being 2 levels higher. Makes me wonder what she would have qualified as if her rifle was working properly. Hmmmm...
She qualified "Expert" with grenades! HOOAH! Said it was a rush to be throwing live grenades.
That's my girl! Always could throw well. (Grampa be proud, Darlin'!)
Her unit is in the middle of the Blue Phase now, with their final PT test coming up and their final FTX - 5 days. They will be also be having Convoy Live Fire and Battle Buddy Live Fire. They had Night Fire Training with tracers. D~ liked that a lot, she says "it was freakin' awesome!!"
They also have had Free Day. Lots of junk food was consumed by all! She listed it all in her letter. lol They also got to see Charlie Daniels! He and his band came to the base and gave a concert there. I am so jealous! I saw Charlie Daniels way back in the day (and no, I won't tell you which day... I'll just say Charlie and I were both much younger then and D~ wasn't born.)
So that's the news from the letter.
She also sent me a couple of things she would like me to post. And here they are:

Hi! This is Pvt. D~. I thought I'd send some things to my Mom for her to post from me about Basic Training and what I've been experiencing.

My List of "U R Wrong": all these are true experiences of Basic Training

~if you say there are about "X" number of weapons
~if you walk up to a Drill Sgt
~if you walk up to a Drill Sgt and try to hand off live ammo
~if you walk out in a soft cap and everyone else has on Cavalars
~if you call the Drill Sgt "Private"
~if you bring live ammo off the range as a souvenir
~if you take one fatty cake and two ice creams
~if your weapon is not pointed down range
~if your Fireguard list is not in by lights out
*if you wear PTs under your BDUs for Fireguard
~if you talk in Formation but never sound off
~if you fall asleep with a CD player still attached to your head
*if you fall asleep in class or when a high ranking officer is talking
*if you are not 10 minutes early to any Formation
~if you think you have the skill to hold a cup with one hand
*if you point a weapon at your Drill Sgt
~if you hide in the bathroom with the lights off instead of going to formation
~if you get caught sleeping on your Fireguard shift
~if you put your MRE drink mix in your canteen
~if you are caught with contraband in your wall locker
*if you think it's ok to walk in the Drill Sgt's area in the DFAC
~if you do not have your hands on your Battle Buddy in cold weather
~if you sit down in the cattle truck before the doors close
~if you said another Drill Sgt said you could do something but your Drill Sgt disagrees
~if you use a Drill Sgt's name when identifying them
~if another Company can hear you when you're talking
~if you do not tie your laundry bag for Quartermaster

I'll reiterate - all of these mess ups have happened. I starred (*) the ones I've done - lol.

My second list:
You've Been in Basic too Long When: these are true too!

~you notice the rain is falling at a 45 degree angle
~you can't remember the words to your favorite song but remember
every version of every cadence
~you start calling any pie or cake "fatty cake"
~your significant other just doesn't feel the same - you'd rather have your M-16
~you'd rather have an MRE than hot field chow
~you notice that one wrinkle in your blanket and spend 5 minutes fixing it
~you don't remember what tight clothes feel like
~you look forward to Chili Mac
~you can have an entire conversation using acronyms and understand the whole thing
~you look forward to a good "caping" session
~you yell "Hooah!" to a song you really like
~you look forward to/like going for rides in the cattle truck
~you are talking about time to a civilian, you use Military time unconsciously.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into Basic Training. So yeah, good times, good times!
See you on the other side - Pvt D~

Hey Mom! I'm thinking we need to make your cupcakes when I get home.

You got it, Honey!! As many as you want!