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Monday, October 10, 2005

Okey Dokey - I'm Back...

Whew! What a few days it's been! Some good, some not so good. Such as, my missing D~'s phonecall yesterday by 5 minutes, BUT she qualified with her M-16!! Hooah! (and Yes, D~, your uncle is VERY proud!! I bet he'll go down to the Sportman's club as soon as possible and do some crowing!) She's relieved because she thought she wasn't doing as well as she could have. Nothing new there. That's how she is about everything.
Now she gets to experience hand grenades and combat live fire. (Such a comforting thought for a Mom...)
And she gets issued her Class A (?) uniform. My Oh My!
My husband had to work extra hard at getting a couple of jobs finished this week as he was flying down south Friday to stay with his Mom for the weekend. She just got home from the hospital after getting stabilized. She has a fast spreading cancer and is on radiation treatments. This after N~ lost his brother in August a couple of weeks before D~ shipped off to Basic. So we have been reminding each other to breath now and again.
I spent Saturday packing up goodie boxes for the soldiers I support. It helped to keep things in perspective. And my mind distracted. It's not good to leave me alone with my mind. There are a lot of weird places in there. Stephen King would have a field day.
Sunday I got together with another soldier supporter, W~, who lives nearishly by. A delightful young woman with a sense of humor I just love. We went out to lunch and then took my dogs to our favorite beach. W~ is not afraid of the dogs, which is a major sign in our world of her good personage. See, Luna "talks" alot and "smiles" very pretty. Also, very territorial. We never had a problem with guys coming to take D~ out on a date. If they could get passed Luna, they could leave the house with D~. (Some didn't make the cut.)
The beach was wonderful. The sun was shining, the waves were huge and the surfers were having a great time - lots of good sets and curls. It's a "locals" beach - mostly surfers and doggie people. Few tourists know about it, which is a rare thing around here. Though every now and then, some Non-Locals do show up with their dogs on-leash, believing that all dogs should be on-leash. They tend to get quite upset with all the other dogs off-leash, running around chasing each other and having a grand doggie time. These on-leash folks tend not to stay long and don't seem to ever come back. Guess they don't appreciate our attitude about our dogs not being on leashes...hmm.

Then it was time to pick up N~ from the airport. This is always an adventure, starting with the drive over the mountain and then into Silicon Valley surrounded by all the Nascar wannabees, all talking on their cellphones. (to their pit crews?) Then there is the bumper car event at the airport. I barely slow down long enough to collect N~ as I figure a moving target is harder to hit. And off we go to do it all in reverse order. Dodge, swerve, curse, dodge, curse, swerve, dodge.
Home for a relaxing evening watching CSI - I love forensic stuff. Then off to bed. Ah, how wonderful! The dogs are all curled up on the bed keeping our feet warm and off to slumberland we go. To be abruptly awakened by Joey furiously rubbing his head on the blankets and an odor seeping into the room, causing our eyes to water and our throats to close up. See, joey likes to chase skunks. Joey apparently has not learned from the past few times that chasing skunks is not a good hobby to have. So we're up. N~ is chasing Joey around the house trying to herd him into the bathroom. Luna is now cowering in a corner, having learned that chasing skunks is not a hobby she wants to participate in. And I'm mixing up the anti-skunk magic potion.
This works! Don't bother spending way too much money on the store deskunkifiers. Use this:
1 - 1 lb box of baking soda
1 - 16 oz bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide
A good couple of squirts of dishwashing liquid
and just enough water to make a thin paste.
Rub it all over the dog and leave it on for 5- 10 minutes (depending on the dog's mood)
and rinse off really well. You might have to do it one more time as the skunk oils lift up from the dogs skin.
Dreft detergent is the best for the blankets.
I'm thinking that the doggie door will remain closed every night from now on.
My grandmother used to get rid of skunks who were thinking that her shed (which was attached to the farmhouse) might be a good place to take up residence by mixing plaster of paris with some grain. That way the skunks would eat the grain and then go away to harden and die. She was one tough Yankee woman. Nope, you didn't mess with Gramma.
So now it's Monday and this is my second try at posting, as I hit the wrong button and lost the first draft to the place where all those socks go from the washing machine.

I want recess....