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Friday, October 21, 2005

Mr. Hussein's Trial

I read the blog, "Iraq the Model" as well as other blogs from Iraqis to get an idea of what the people in Iraq are thinking as their country is making it's way toward freedom. Today Mohammed (the author of Iraqi the Model) has a great post on some reactions of the trial of Suddam Hussein. It's a must read of one family's experiences and reactions. Just shows me that there is no "cut & dried" in any of this. So when you think you have the answer to what we should be doing in Iraq, please delve a little deeper than your reading of the newspapers or watching of the "news" and get to know what the actual participants in this situation are thinking, feeling, experiencing. There's so much more than just what the MSM is spoonfeeding us here at home.

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Thank you, Mohammed, for giving us insight into your country.