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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Moms of Soldiers

I've been thinking alot about the Moms of deployed Soldiers and Marines. (Yes, see! I know Marines do not appreciate being called Soldiers.) My daughter soldier is still in Basic so I'm a newbie Mom to all this. But I know some Moms whose "babies" are on their first, second or more deployments. I mean I'm having a hard enough time having to wait for phone calls and letters and D~ is just a few states away! I could get on a plane and see her within a few hours or even jump in my car and see her the next day. I'm sure I'd have a bit of trouble getting past the front gate, but I would, dang it all! But that's not an option for Moms with their soldiers "in country".
I grew up watching all those old WWII movies from the 40's where the family didn't hear from their soldier (or Marine) for months or years. Or they wouldn't know when (or if) they would see their soldier until he was walking up the porch steps to the house. And it wasn't much different in the wars that followed until the internet and cellphones came into being. Women have always been waiting for their warriors to come home. Now I don't mean to exclude the Dads - they wait too. And worry and pray. I just know the Mom connection. The umbilical cord may be cut at birth but there is another "cord" that is never severed. And the feeling of carrying that child within your body never, ever goes away. I think of these women as the "Hearth Warriors". I see them in their kitchens, at their jobs, at the grocery store, or hugging their children still at home. And I can't help but believe that no matter where they are physically, a corner of their mind and a large part of their heart is always "in country".
I received a wonderful email from a soldier in Iraq that I had sent a care package to. I had written him that my daughter had just enlisted and I was starting the new "ADVENTURE" and emotional roller coaster ride of being a Military Mom. He wrote back that his Mom went through all that too when he enlisted - but he said she's getting better now. Then he told me that he has been in the Military for 25 years!!

So it never ends.

I guess this is my tribute to all the Moms who have given their most precious gift to the defense and security of all the Freedoms we enjoy in this country. Especially to the Moms who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you!
Bless you all ~