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Sunday, October 30, 2005

"I will NOT be Recycled!"

Another phone call from D~ and on a Saturday!! Lovely surprise - boy, I was glad I was home! I tell her to call my cellphone, but I don't think she trusts my claims that I have it on my person all the time now. With Good reason, I have a habit of not turning it on or I let the batteries run down...
Anyhoo ~ D~ was all excited - she had done well on the FTX and she had passed the "Rite of Passage"! So she definitely graduates!! She was so concerned about being recycled. I told her we had no doubts, that the plane tickets were bought and paid for and the rental car was reserved and the hotel room was booked.
Ok - Proud Mommy Moment here ~ D~ was telling me about an exercise they had to do at FTX and apparently D~ performed very well. It had something to do with taking the Warrior Tower from the other team and not getting "killed" in the process. Well, she alone made it to the tower but ran out of ammo at the last minute and was not "killed", just taken prisoner. (I'm not explaining this well but bear with me.) When they got back to the barracks and the DS was handing out their coins, he said that Pvt. D~ was a Warrior! Other recruits asked why, as she had run out of ammo. He asked her if she was "killed" and she replied, "No Drill Sargent! I was taken Prisoner, Drill Sargent!" As he handed her the coin, he said to her, "Pvt D~, you are a Warrior!" I teared up! I am so Proud! This is the same girl, no, young woman, who was crying on the phone 8 weeks ago saying "I can't do this! I made a mistake! This is so awful!
That's my Baby Girl on the left in the Photo!

My Warrior, My Hero!