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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Holidays Are Coming!

I want to keep bringing to your attention that the Holidays are approaching fast and that there are many soldiers that aren't going to be home for them. Now is the time to step into action if you haven't already and help them know we don't ever forget them and the sacrifices they and their families are making for the country. And I also want to bring to your attention the fact that there are many soldiers who receive little if any mail. For whatever reason, they just don't hear their name called at Mail Call. There are soldiers who have been over there for months and haven't received a single piece of mail. I can't stand the thought of a single soldier never getting his or her name called at Mail Call. Many of them keep a low profile at that time of the day because they don't anyone to know that no one is writing to them. Just breaks my heart. So can you imagine how they feel around the Holidays? Actually I hope you can't. So please start searching the soldier support sites and get into action. Write letters, mail packages if you can, or donate to any of the sites that mail out packages themselves. Money is always tight for these marvelously caring folks but since all the weather destruction, money is even more tight. And don't stop at the New Year - I hope you keep writing or sending boxes. Come January, packages stop coming in because people think well, the holidays are over, I've done my bit. The holidays may be over but the soldiers will still be over there. For many, it will be several more months before they can hug their spouse, hold their kids, see their Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters. So let them know that we are watching their backs here at home. And again, if you know of a military family near you , see if you can help them out in any way. They're not having an easy time either.
Soooo - here are some sites to get you started! C'mon, you're going to love doing this!! And I bet you won't stop at the Holidays because you'll probably get a response (they are so good at writing back if they can - Not that we ever expect them too, seeing where they are and all but damn! they do!) and then you'll get to know them a bit and you'll be awed, as I have been time and time again.

A good place to start:

and of course, my favorite:

And let's not forget our Veterans:

And our Wounded:

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