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Monday, October 17, 2005

A Good Sunday

D~ called and I was home! She only had 5 minutes to talk but that didn't matter. I got to hear her voice! She sounded so good, talking a mile a minute. (Well, some things never change...) Her only complaint was that I was slacking on my letters ~ ok, I had missed a day here and there. Mail is soooo important. It really is a lifeline, not only to those away from home for the first time, but for all those just plain away from home, especially those "in country". It's so easy to feel forgotten when you just can't pick up the phone and make a call. That has been the hardest part for me - I have to wait until D~ can call or write a letter. Imagine how it is for a soldier in another country, getting shot at or bombed, never knowing from one minute to the next what their day or night might be like.
So, this is going to go in the direction of what we can do, those of us at home. For one thing, the holidays are coming up and this is an especially hard time for our soldiers. Many are away from home for the first time or they are missing yet another Thansgiving, Christmas, Hannakah with their family or someone's birthday if not their own. There are many Soldier Support websites on the net that you can sign up with. There you can get addresses of soldiers to send mail or packages to. I have some of my favorites listed on the sidebar, but you can find many more just by googling "soldier support". Go ahead and check them out. Back up your "I support our troops" sticker on your car with action and a stamp.
I began sending soldiers cards and packages a year ago and I found out that there are too many that do not get any mail at all. Some don't have family, some just don't have anybody writing to them or their families don't have the money to send packages. I have also found that getting mail is like Christmas for them. Just a simple postcard saying "we're thinking of you" and "your service is so appreciated", or just "thank you" can make their day and their job easier. Especially with all the negative media out there, it's so important to let our Troops know they have support here at home. That can be one of the most effective weapons against the terrorists who are trying to kill our soldiers (and anyone else who gets in their way.)
We who do support our troops usually do so in a quiet manner, certainly not getting the media's attention. That's not why we do it anyway. But those who bash our military do get the attention of the media. And our troops hear that and that's all they will hear, unless we let them know that it is just a minority of those of us here at home.
It doesn't take much time to send a card or even a care package once a month. And you may never hear from the soldier you write to, or know the effect of your taking the time to write to that soldier. But I can assure you, it means alot and can make a day full of doubt or sadness a bit brighter for that soldier, maybe putting a smile on a face that hasn't had one in days.
I don't give a damn what your politics are. I'm talking about someone's son or daughter, someone's sister or brother, far from home, doing their job and doing it incredibly well. The least we can do is let them know that we appreciate their choosing to do this and the sacrifices they are making doing it.
Hmmm. This has kind of turned into a rantish sort of post. I'll stop now and save my rant with a capital "R" for another post. As my daughter would say right now if she were here, "Ok Mom! You can stop the lecture now! I got it, Ok!" Dang, I miss her!
So anyway, think about it and go find a site that you feel you can take part in. Someone's mother, father, sister or brother would thank you with all their heart. I certainly do!