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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Ache

It's been a tough couple of days - my emotions have been all over the place. Weepy, irritable, tired. So I sat down with myself and checked in with my department of emotions. And after some time ruminating over this and that, (there are alot of other family things going on too) I came to the realization that the reality that D~ wasn't going to be "coming home" again was sinking in. Oh, I know that she'll be home to visit but it will be infrequent and short. And she'll have changed. Which is good, of course - we all want our kids to grow up and move on into their lives. But she'll no longer be my baby. Plus, there is this bone deep ache that won't go away. I realized I haven't touched her in over a month - no hugging her, no stroking her hair or giving her shoulders a rub. I need to touch her.