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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Well, I did it!

Ok, first post - oh my! It was suggested to me by a couple of other bloggers (hat tip to V & K~) that I start my own blog. I laughed at the idea at first and then as the days went by, I thought why not? It could very well keep my head from exploding. Not a bad thing. As I find myself in the whole new world of being an Army Mom, my head seems to have an over abundance of thoughts! Some good, some not so good. Not that this is new for me - I've always had a whole spectum of thoughts in my head...but now I'm having thoughts and feelings I never even knew existed!!! So, since my Mom taught me to share, well, here goes.
My daughter is just finishing up Week 01 in Basic Training. I've received 3 letters and one very short phone call. Let's just say, D is not a happy camper - she cried all through the phone call. Her letters were full of "I'm not sure I made the right decision." Having talked with other military Moms and my "adopted" soldiers (bless them all), I've been told this is very typical during the first couple of weeks. Ok, I get that - Lord knows at the very least she's experiencing total culture shock and has probably heard more yelling in the past week than she has in all her life. (Even though I'm real good at yelling, I never had much reason to with her.) That's not the problem, you see. No, it's the fact that for 18 years I have been there to kiss the booboos and help her through the rough times and well, just be there to hug her. She walked out the door to head for Basic and that all changed. I'm adjusting though. well, sorta...I just gave her over to the Powers That Be - you know, The Mother. I figure She's much better at this than I am.
So, I have Mommy meltdowns and I have Proud Mommy moments (lots of those!!) and I keep putting one positive foot in front of the other. (I've found if I do that the laundry does get done. WooHoo!)
So here's my journey - for you to peek at along the way, if you decide to. Who knows what this lil ol brain of mine might come up with during the night. And I'll be adding things as I figure out how to do that. Be patient please, I just figured out how to download photos onto my computer from the digital camera.