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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Thought it was Tuesday all day...

I tried to be productive today. Got off to a good start, then fizzled out of ambition. I want to reorganize my office space so I can FIND things. Somehow that didn't get started even though it was top of my list. Oh, I'm a list writer - I have lists of lists. I just love checking things off my lists! Today I did things that were not on my list, so I didn't have that satisfaction. I guess it all fell a part when the mail came and there was still no letter from D~. It's been a week since I heard from her. (No news is good news. No news is good news.) I envision her settling in and finding buddies in her Unit and getting excited about what she's learning.
I have a GI D~ doll - and I found this great site (for all your "soldier's" needs) and I ordered a set of BDUs after D~ told me she had been issued hers. The doll came with helicopter pilot gear. Well, D~ is not going to be a helicopter pilot (as far as I know), so I had to get appropriate gear. So far she has her BDUs, her Boonie hat, a backpack, her rifle and canteen. Her helmet is coming and I'm still on the lookout for her fatigue cap and ammo pouches, etc etc. So now she sits all dressed for Basic Training next to Drill Sgt. Bear, with Rosie the Riveter and Zena watching her back.
Tomorrow I hope to get going on the office, after I take muffins to D~'s recruiter's office, of course!