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Saturday, September 10, 2005

I got an address!

Whew! D~'s letter came yesterday with a return address on the envelope. Yes, I did the Happy Dance!! So I addressed all the letters I had written and mailed them off! Then I emailed everybody! It's amazing what one letter can do for the heart.
She has four Drill Sgts. I thought you only had one. Oh, I just keep learning more and more. I found the Day to Day Basic Training schedule on FLW's website. Let's see, she has had a week of Reception (though I don't think she'd put it quite like that), then starting 9/2, she had Orientation (I imagine that's still a blur), 9/3 Diagnostic Physical Test (I bet she just loved all the shots), 9/4 Religious Services (she was sitting in the Catholic Church writing the letter - not that she's Catholic - she just needed some quiet time and her recruiter told her they have cookies and you can eat them as long as you're at church), 9/5 Labor Day Activities (wonder if they had a BBQ) 9/6 Drill & Ceremony ( she was in the Color Guard in her high school band - but I imagine that drilling with an M16 is a bit different than a shield!) 9/7 Map Reading (oh dear - she unfortunetly inherited my lack of directional abilities - we get where we want to go, it just may take us a couple of tries...) 9/8 Basic Rifle Markmanship 1 (at least she's already familiar with rifles - thanks to her Grandpa and Uncle - she's been shooting since she was 5) 9/9 Post Detail ( does this mean clean up? I bet it does...Woo hoo! Warms a Mom's heart, that does!)
And today...9/10 Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare! (The gas chamber - right? Oh, Snot! Lots of snot...)
I'm so damn proud of her! As scared and homesick as she is, she's still hanging in there. I envision her in her BDUs with her M16 and I still shake my head in amazement - that's my Baby Girl!!