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Thursday, September 22, 2005

How It All Began III

I seem to have lost everyone's comments when I installed Haloscan. I'm sorry - I didn't know that would happen. I'm continuously amazed that I get anything to work to begin with!! There're still alot of things I want to add - and to know how to use some of the things I have already. So forward I go into the labyrinth of templates and links and trackbacks.
First I want to lend my support (in spirit - I do wish I could be there) to all the Supporters of the Military going to Washington DC for the weekend!
Go to Move America Foward and Red State to see their itineraries and if you're in the neighborhood and feel moved to join in, please let them know that this Army Mom in CA sends her Thanks. HOOAH!

No updates from my non-letter writing soldier. Humph! Yesterday was a hard one. I found out that I have a comfort zone of not hearing from her and yesterday I apparently went passed the border. And entered into the land of anxiety, populated with that feeling of powerlessness that is the bane of Mothers everywhere. I couldn't focus, I had paperwork to do and would find myself making silly mistakes. But the best one was when I would find myself suddenly standing up and walking into the kitchen with no idea why. This happened quite a few times. I finally just laughed at myself and thought, "well, here I am again!" I did get the paperwork done and the laundry and dinner (much to my husband's delight) and assorted other little chores.
But Geez! I have to wonder where might I end up today?? (2 hours until the mailperson comes...)

I need to say something about my husband, N~ and his reaction to D~'s enlisting. First of all, he's D~'s Step Dad (I might have mentioned that) . I married him when D~ was 11 years old. Let me tell you, she was not and I repeat, NOT! a happy camper about the whole thing - nope, not at all! It had been just the two of us for 10 years and she was so afraid she would lose me. Or that she would be lost. It took a bit of time before she trusted that I would be there for her always, no matter what. The first couple of years were quite tense between them - ok, she hated him. Ever feel like a wishbone? I did. But as the years passed and we all grew up a bit more, things settled down and they developed a relationship that has grown into a pretty tight unit. He'd do anything to protect her and she knows this.
So when D~ told us that she wanted to join the Army, he was very upset. Downright cranky to be honest. (Refer to the post below "How It All Began" of how he became a legend at the recruiting office). I felt like I couldn't talk to him about it - he'd have nothing good to say or he wouldn't talk about it all. He would just walk out of the room. I so wanted to be able to share my fears and be hugged - and yes, to be told it would all be alright. *blush* Well, after a couple of weeks of this and a trip to MEPS (he couldn't go), I realized he was more scared about it than I was. And that was how he was dealing with it all. Even though he's not her natural father, he's been a "Dad" and has acquired all those "Dad" feelings. I told him to talk to her about it, find out her reasons, have her tell him in her own words the whys. So he did, eventually. And he told her she had his full support, no matter what she decided. He also told her if she changed her mind, he'd be damn sure he'd get her out of it, whatever it that would entail. It took alot for him to tell her that - he really didn't want her to join up. (N~ I knew you were a keeper!! Thank You!)

We got through November and into December, still hearing nothing about her MOS. I told D~ to keep at the college applications and scholarships. It's always good to have a plan B - after all it was still 6 months until she graduated. Who knew what could happen...especially in the mind of a 17 year old! I mean we were going through her changes of mind about anything and everything at least twice a day.
Do you remember (and I hope you do) what happened at the Mosul dining tent on Dec. 21?
24 US troops killed and 64 wounded. (Bless them and their families) The next day, as I was still reeling from that news and waiting for the names to be released to see if any of the soldiers I corresponded with were there (none were I found out eventually) , I walk into the kitchen to get my coffee and D~ is on the phone with Sgt. W. She looks up and says "my MOS is up and I have to go to MEPS asap to make sure I get it." And hands the phone to me. I have a this point, stopped breathing completely and I'm just staring at her and at the phone she's holding out for me to take. Seconds, minutes pass. I take the phone and say, "talk to me!" Ok, it might have been more of a growl. Sgt. W gave me all the particulars about what had to be done and how soon - which was by tomorrow. (Tomorrow??) I said, "alright. But she can still get out of all this even if she signs, RIGHT?" He said, "yes she can." I told him I had to talk to her about it and we'd call him back. After I hung up and handed the phone back to D~, I said, " I need to think. We'll talk after I take my shower." When I made it into the bathroom, I just sank to my knees and started sobbing thees amazingly big sobs. One thinks the weirdest things when one is on their knees and having great big sobs erupting from one's body - I was thinking at least I'm still breathing.
Showered, and breathing, I went out to D~ and we talked. I asked her if she really wanted to do this. This was it. She'd be signing The Contract. D~ replied yes she did, and now was the time or she might lose the job. She had to go now. I said "Ok, call Sgt W and set it up". As she was talking to Sgt W, I was thinking, oh lord, I'm going to have to tell N~. I'm thinking 24 soldiers dead. I'm thinking NO NO NO! D~ got off the phone and said, "it's all set up for tomorrow. We have to leave at 5 am." (again with the Dawn Patrols...) I could just nod my head and give her the hugest Mommy hug I had in me.
So, two days after Mosul, and two days before Christmas, I was going to be taking My Baby Girl to MEPS so she could enlist.

to be continued....

I realized that I hadn't posted about ASVAB (the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery). D~ had taken it before I even knew she wanted to join up.

Here's a lnk that will give you alot of places to find out about it:

US Military ASVAB

Support Our Troops
Remember Our Vets