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Friday, September 16, 2005

How It All Began II

First!! I received another letter from D~ yesterday!! She seemed in much better spirits - which is what I've been waiting for. It's such a relief after the last letters full of doubt and the crying phone call! She seems to be getting excited about PT. The 40 ft. Victory Tower was a success (you can imagine how happy I was to read that!) Me, I have a 15 ft. limit before my body locks up and my vision blurs. They were going to tackle the rest of the Confidence Course - rope bridges and such ( makes me break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it). And the 7 Values. She can probably say them in her sleep by now. And today is First Aid 1 & 2. Seems to me that should have been one of the first courses taught...hmmm. 40 ft towers and all.

Here's a great site:

Basic Training

It's worth the read. It has several sections that goes through all the phases. And the writer has a wonderful sense of humor. Which is something I suggest you acquire as soon as possible after you read the articles. I almost threw up after reading it all, envisioning my Baby Girl going through all that. The thought of some Drill Sgt. yelling and screaming at her - well, let's just say that Mama Lions have nothing on me. Get used to it. Your Baby will. But hey, just keep this in mind - envision it - your son or daughter is now doing what he or she is told - no negotiations, no arguing, no whining, or flat out ignoring you. Keep this thought very close. There, now don't you feel better?

Well, guess I'll get back to how it began.
So, I made it through MEPS doors. You have to hand over your driver's license to the very nice soldier at the main desk ( who graciously takes no outwardly notice of your shaking hand) and get an ID tag. Sgt. W took us into the Waiting Area, which is appropriately named. Remember this is the Military (you know, Hurry Up and Wait). There were already about 15 recruits sitting around already, with more coming in the first few hours. Lordy, they all looked 12 years old!
First thing was for D~ to get her Physical. This took over an hour, with alot of back and forth by D~. Then we waited. She started talking to the other kids and I read Military Magazines. And we waited. (mental note - bring book)
Then a couple of the kids asked me if I was D~'s Mom and I said "yes, I am".
They said, "that is so cool!" Talking to them throughout the morning, I found that so many had absolutely no support from their parents or their family wasn't talking to them or they hadn't told their folks yet because of the flak they would get. Here they are, taking one of the biggest steps in their lives - alone. Broke my heart. So we talked about why they were enlisting and what their goals were and showed each other our tattoos. Contrary to what one hears from the media and other sources of opinion, most of these kids were signing up because they want to Serve their Country! And yes, the money for school was a nice bonus for them as alot of them wanted to get degrees eventually, in areas like Engineering, or Computer Sciences. These are not losers or stupid kids. So anyone who tells me otherwise hasn't sat for 8 hours a t MEPS talking to future soldiers. (Or maybe they have - they just didn't ask the right questions.) No, these young people want to get ahead and do something big while they are doing that. Oh, and yes, they knew there's a War on and yes, they knew there was a good chance they would be sent into it. Yet, there they all sat - waiting...and joking and laughing-and complaining too.
Noon came and nothing was happening yet, so Sgt W, D~ and I went out to lunch. We came back. And waited some more. Finally, we went to talk to the Counselor about D~'s MOS (job) and he explained about the process and what she needed to do next. Well, her MOS wasn't in the computer yet, so there wasn't anything else we could do that day. It was about 3:30 pm by then.
OK. I have to be a Proud Mommy here for a moment, if you'll excuse me for this. One of the senior officers (you know, the ones with more decorations on their chests than god) came out and tried to talk D~ into taking another MOS to get her in and signed up that day. And told her that when she's in, she could transfer over to the MOS she wanted. Well, my Baby Girl would have none of that and she told him that she would get the MOS she wanted or she wasn't going to sign up. Important info here - your child can do that. There are no guarantees in the Military. No matter what anyone tells you.
So we left and went home - to wait for her MOS to be posted in the computer. Nobody could tell us when that would be. Days, weeks...Welcome to the Army!

to be continued...