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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hey Mom!

I got a letter!! A l-o-n-g letter! And D ~ sounds so good. Whew!! I find I can take deep breaths again. On the back of the envelope was written, "I'm so sore." I bet she is! Let's see, there was the bayonet course with alot of "thrusting, slashing, butting". She said the whole time she was doing the course, she was thinking how much I would love it. (I collect knives and swords - my next purchase hopefully will be a battle ax). Then the unit got in trouble and had to stand fireguard all night with shifts rotating every hour. She neglected to mention just how they got into trouble...
Her next activity was the gas chamber. "Activity"?? Tennis is an activity. Gardening is an activity. Walking the dog is an activity. Taking your gas mask off in a room full of burning, snot and spit producing gas is not something I would describe as an "activity". I can't even come up with a word I would use! My Baby Girl didn't throw up. Hooah! Even though they had to stay in there longer than usual, as some recruits didn't want to take off their masks.
The next day she had PT Assessment - push ups, sit ups and running. She was pleased with her results. She was 25 seconds faster in running than her first assessment. Then there was the Land/Nav class (and she didn't get lost!! Can't be from my genes...) and the Explosives class (she said I would have liked that one too - heh heh - my brother and I use to get into so much trouble with firecrackers.) Next was the Confidence Course - 30-40 ladders, rope bridges (they do sway! omg!) , swinging on a rope over a metal pipe (without hitting said metal pipe - she did the first time - she still hurts) and finally, going up high on and coming down one rope, warrior style. She didn't fall into the net! Net, isn't that such a nice word?
The recruits really are starting to team up. She said they pep talk each other through the rough patches, like if one of them chokes or "freaks"and doesn't think they can do the "activity". Boy, all I can say is there'd be alot of pep talking for me! These kids are amazing, just amazing! They all have something very special in their makeup to keep going each day and take on these huge challenges. And all the while being yelled at by very intimidating persons who control their every movement.
Maybe we Moms should have taken a Drill SGT course while our kids were in pre-school...

Oh, the recruits can sleep with their rifles now. *grin*

Next they will have their first FTX (Field Training Exercise). No showers for a few days.
hee hee! This is the girl who couldn't do anything without taking a very long shower and all the girlie stuff that goes with it! And they've been having rain and thunder and lightening. D~'s loving it being a CA girl. She really only experienced that kind of weather when we went back east to visit my family.

I found out the reason why I haven't gotten another phone call ~ because the 4th PLT males screwed up and they all lost their phone priviledges. Hopefully, they've behaved themselves and I'll get a phone call Sunday. I can't believe it's been a month!

6 more weeks until Graduation. ( but who's counting?) (ME!!!)

More later....