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Monday, September 19, 2005

From Red Phase to White Phase

My Baby Girl should be entering her second phase in Basic, what is known as the White Phase. (The first phase being the Red Phase) This is where they get to shoot, throw and stab. Oh, she'll have alot more fun here! Not that I would know. She hasn't written since week before last...I guess if it's not email or IMing, it doesn't happen with this child of mine. Did that sound appropriately "Mommy guilting"?? (lol, my Baby girl, I know you are going to be reading this eventually!)
The little accessories came for my GI D~ doll - I opened the little package and the butt pack, helmet and belt fell out into my hand. Just at that moment the song "Letters From Home" came on the radio. Well, that was it for me! Holding that tiny helmet in my hand, I burst into tears. I miss her so much! The house is so much less energetic without her blurring in and out. Kids really do keep you young at heart. So wiping my nose and glasses, I put all the new gear on GI D~ . I still need to get her ammo pouches and medical bag and a few other things that I just ordered from another site that is just as cool as Monkey Depot. It's called Optoys. (I'll put up the addy later for all you closet soldier doll people, er, collectors. It's on another computer.) I'll get a photo on here as soon as I successfully navigate that computer maze.
So, back to the waiting in the beginning. A month passed and no word on D~'s MOS being posted. November passed - it wasn't an easy time. At the high school D~ was getting a lot of negative feedback from her friends about joining the Army. Recruiters have a tough time at that school. In fact, Devon was the first female to enlist from there in 5 years. There was a group of students trying to keep recruiters off campus. I guess their cries for tolerance and diversity only apply to what they deem acceptable. But that's for another post that I'm sure I'll get to sooner than later. The reactions I got from other parents as I said before, were disheartening. All the parents of the seniors were talking about what colleges and scholarships their kids were applying for and would ask me where Devon was thinking of going. And I said the Army. Well, you'd think she had already died. The most common reaction being, "oh God, I'm so sorry!" The second being, "How could you let her do that?!" Followed by, "That is so wrong!" Ok, I'm already beside myself (the mommy self) having talked to a lot of soldiers in Iraq and Kuwait that I've corresponded with this past year and I read the Milblogs every day. Of course, these folks get most of their info from the MSM - so they don't really know all that's going on. And I've been to Memorial Services for some local soldiers (Bless them). So I know things. About Iraq and the fact that there is no frontlines - it's all frontlines. And terrorists who don't give a damn if you're liberal or not. And that this started long before Bush became President. And that female soldiers are being killed there. And that the US citizen doesn't know all that's going on.
But do you know what my Baby Girl said to me when I asked her why she wanted to join the Army? My daughter, the gift that God gave me, said, " well, there are alot of our soldiers already over there doing their job and I want to help them do it. And I think the discipline will be good for me, as I'm losing direction here." And that's what I would reply to all those reactions. And they wouldn't see the pride in my eyes because all they could say was, "Well, this war is so wrong." So I would just smile and say "yeah, but she's going to know how to shoot back."
I have to say there were a few parents who applauded her for such a huge decision. And I so thank them for recognising the pride in my eyes.

to be continued...

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